Early History
A bustling city known for its farming and agriculture. Oakleaf grew into a decent trading point. Centered between two of the major roads of its nation it was able to sell a variety of textiles and fabrics while often having an overabundance of food.

The March of Sizzithrax
Oakleaf decided to surrender rather than give any resistance to the army that approached it. They understood the dangers of resistance and due to their willful compliance were able to retain a significant measure of autonomy. Their markets and streets were much safer, the city received better and more regular maintenance, and while their trade fell off immensely, they received an acceptable compensation for their goods from Var Solis.

Oakleaf and the Hounds
After the fall of Hannah’s Haven Hannah’s Hounds were brought to Oakleaf for a summary trial and execution. They were held in the Oakleaf City Guard’s headquarters in their jails. Due to a laxness in their watch and an assisting hand from an unknown source the Hounds were able to escape. During their escape they brutally murdered several guards. Despite the full force of the Guard being brought to bear the Hounds survived, due intervention by Confusion, and escaped.

In the aftermath and upon observing the destruction wrought upon their colleagues most of the rest of the Guard resigned. They took up whatever work they could get after that, but most of their time was taken up with trying to drink away the memories of their decimated friends.


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