The Mad Horse and the Wolf of the Arcane

This particular legend began sprouting up shortly after the hostile encroachment of Sizzithrax’s army took over large swaths of the land. Many smaller towns had no hope but to submit and were unsatisfied with the rule they were subjected to. It is believed that the hope inspired by these tales were to help the villagers think there would be a release from their torment.

The content of the tales, while varied, tended to follow a regular theme. A small village is under a tyrannical control. The new petty baron there to guarantee the locals all do as they are told and pay their taxes takes a few more liberties than dictated to. Either fleecing everyone for everything they can, imprisoning anyone who disagrees with them, or just randomly being violent.

One night a young couple, or a elderly man, or just a strong-willed leader rile up the baron and his men. They began to viciously take their toll for such impudence when there is a mad whinny and a lonesome howl carried in on the wind. Then a fierce galloping. Then the men are set upon by a horse who charges in, bowling over the baron’s men. As it stomps them into submission an arcane bolt flashes from the darkness.

The bolt briefly illuminates a large and shaggy wolf before smashing into the baron, causing him to crumble to the ground limply. The beaten and bruised innocents slowly stand and through a brief and confused few moments of learning how to communicate discover these animals are both sentient and here to put a stop to these injustices.

They introduce themselves as Mouse and Glitterflank the Bloodletter. A few minutes more of gesturing susses out the location of the rest of the baron’s men. The two beasts then spend the rest of the evening clearing out the town of the remaining brutes.

The Truth
After the conquering of Hannah’s Haven Hannah’s Hounds were captured and dragged off to the city of Oakleaf. The conquering group, Sizzithrax’s Maw took the mount of Mya Ruse and the animal companion of Krish. A druid in their employ, driven and deranged, took the animals and casted the spell Awaken upon them, granting them their sentience.

Glitterflank and Mouse, now aware and alone in the world, left together to find what sort of life they could make for themselves. They gained classes, barbarian and wizard respectively, and worked to defeat evil where ever it rose.

The Mad Horse and the Wolf of the Arcane

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