Hannah's Haven

Legends once tells of five brave adventures. Their career spanned many years and many great tales. Once they reached that age where the lure of a comfortable chair and a fine glass of wine was far greater than a crypt riddled with dusty skeletons and ancient tomes Hannah Hightower, Wizard of the Green Flame, The Anointed Paragon, decided it was time to go home.

She arrived in the valley of her small village and took up a small position in the city’s council. She had dreams of whiling away her remaining years helping to make her home into something wonderful. Shortly after her arrival, however, a terror struck from below. Her little village, commonly and simply called Home, happened to be the resting place of a legendary Terrasque.

One day the earth began to rumble, the land and mountain around it splitting as the massive beast rose from its subterranean slumber. The beast towered over the sleepy little hamlet and let out a roar that tumbled some of the already weakened homes. With no one else around who could answer the beast’s challenge, Hannah rose up once more.

Their fight was terrible and no living account of it survives, but it is known that Hannah survived and the Terrasque did not. She would never speak of the fight itself, but Hannah came away from the battle aged terribly. Where once she was still a strong-backed and proud woman, her last few remaining years were spent a shriveled and hunched-over crone.

After her passing the town was taken over by a council of elders who comprised the functional and truly eldest. Hannah’s descendants realized that this method of government was one that could be exploited through simple procreation. They used their family name as a way to guarantee that they became a large family. Through the skills and talents of their family they became wealthy and influential in all aspects of the city.

Over time another family, the Biggerstaffs, moved into the town. They saw and realized how the Hightowers were controlling things and wanted in on the action. After a couple of generations they became a power in their own right.

The Modern Haven
Hannah’s Haven found itself a sudden bursting and bustling little burg working its hardest to keep up with their burgeoning population. A wealth of minerals was found in the small mountain standing watch over Hannah’s Haven. As the Bronzebottom Mining Company took up residence within they began shipping their wealth down the river whose source was found in the hollow that Hannah’s Haven resides in. The river’s course also ran along the growing town, allowing it to blossom further and faster than believed possible.

This mixture slowly became unstable as the council of elders became a bitter fight between the Hightowers and Biggerstaffs to maintain control of the city’s growth. Their constant adjustment of laws and ordinances to get a stronger grip on control only riled the populace. It fomented a cadre of like-minded humanoid races who found the many benefits received only by the humans unbearable.

This newly formed coalition found some of its impetus usurped when an old trap-ridden crypt was discovered in the Hollow. It was discovered to be the tomb of one of Hannah’s former companions. The council decided that the tomb would be converted into a sort of tourist attraction. It was to allow novice adventurers or bold and stupid newcomers. The workers did their best to respectfully remove the entombed.

Unfortunately, greedy grave robbers ruined that and necessitated the hiring of adventurers to clear out and quiet the unsettled dead. This task was accomplished by a still-nascent group of adventurers who would come to be known as Hannah’s Hounds.

Hannah's Haven

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