Otis Blackmane

Early Life
Otis Blackmane was raised by his parents in his hometown of Hannah’s Haven. At a young age Otis had a fondness for animals. He went from feeding the squirrels that learned rapidly where to come for a quick meal to caring for and raising dogs before he was even ten. As his youth slowly rolled him into the man he would become his affection for animals drew the attention of his wife, Falyse.

Otis and the Hounds
Otis’s life and lifework were some of the first victims of Confusion‘s plan to give Hannah’s Hounds the adventure he felt was their just reward. Otis’s life was almost ruined when his pets and animals were used for the creation of the Tiny Tarrasques that tormented the town until the party defeated the creatures.

Otis and the Fall
Otis was hard struck after the loss of what he thought was his only chance at a happy life. He was inconsolable until the Hounds bequeathed to him a shop and some starting funds to start up his business once more. With this new location and funding Otis was able to get his breeding program off the ground. After realizing the market was not great for his work, he packed up his work and family and left the Hollow before the coming of Sizzithrax’s army and the fall of the town.

Otis and the Rest
Otis’s work with his dogs became a well known and sought after breed. The Blackmane Hound became the most desired hunting dog and even did solid guard work. An interesting quirk in the breed is that they almost made excellent family dogs if raised for it. They would be endlessly patient with children. This came from the necessity of Otis’s work and his extensive family happening out of the same location and he could not bear losing one of his children from one of his other children.

Otis Blackmane

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